One of the most formidable tasks for the brain of an athlete during game play is to perceive and integrate complex movement patterns while allocating attentional resources in different key areas of a fast paced dynamic scene.

Similar to physical training for endurance, strength, flexibility and sport specific motor skills, elite caliber performance require optimal cognitive proficiency.  REACTFORGE’s cornerstone cognitive development program, ReactOS+  revolves around a proprietary  See, Process, Decide & Move system that unifies four foundational components to achieve peak game speed and game intelligence commonly referred to as IQ.  

Additional key features of the ReactOS+ training protocol is tracking with data analytics and the applied transfer of cognitive development directly into game situations.  In order to benchmark performance improvement, participants are tested for a baseline on the SPDM index to gauge reactionary speed and overall cognitive capacity. 

The ReactOS+ Process


See multiple stimulus at once as well as recognize details by improving visual acuity and spatial perception


Process visual input based on visuospatial short-term memory (VSTM) underpinned by a range of executive mental functions such as orientation, navigation, planning, adaptive thinking and self-discipline


Decide towards mobilizing optimal actions for a best possible outcome


Move with precision and tactical creativity with minimized reaction time


We Work With

ReactOS+ Hockey

Transforming on-ice performance and results

ReactOS+ Teams

Large scale events to support groups and combines

ReactOS+ Sports

Training tailored to suit a range of different sports

ReactOS+ Intensive

A condensed program in a compacted schedule

ReactOS+ Junior

Designed for preschoolers to youth for academic & sports

ReactOS+ Platinum

Maximizing cognitive health and brain agility for aging adults and seniors

ReactOS+ Life

Powering decision making for professionals & students


For sport trainers and healthcare support practitioners

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Science Driven

Cognition is essentially the mental function of gathering knowledge and processing it into usable data – thinking, knowing remembering, judging and problem solving. Cognitive abilities as applied to athletes and sports are used to track player and ball/puck movements, see the playing field with a wide range of vision, anticipate the movements of opponents, recognize patterns, develop strategic awareness and make instantaneous situational decisions.


Shift Into High Gear

The majority of athletic training is focused on “strength and conditioning” together with developing “technical and motor skills”. One key pillar that is typically overlooked is COGNITIVE TRAINING.  Overall athletic performance vastly improves when cognitive capacity and the body function together.  Attain elite level performance by super charging strength and skill with cognitive potential.

ReactForge services include…


Data Driven

A critical component of the REACTFORGE cognitive training system is the acquisition of raw training data and converting it into powerful applied analytics unique for each individual athlete.  Training guesswork is eliminated to accurately identify performance blind spots and weaknesses in addition to accelerating cognitive development progress with predictive outcomes.  

As equipment and technology continues to evolve, REACTFORGE is dedicated to cognitive development innovation and personalized training for all our clients. 

With over 13 million data points collected and 400+ different types of drills and exercises, the REACTFORGE Cognitive Training System provides measurable performance improvement to transform your game.


Inspiring a Movement

Improving reaction time is one of the best investments you can make in your mental and physical fitness. The ability to act or perform just a little bit quicker can make all the difference whether it’s in sports, school, career, recreational or everyday activities. 

The good news is that reaction speed and cognitive agility can be improved for anyone of any age at any time. Think fast and join the movement to unleash your inner high performer for life.

In support of future athletic talent, REACTFORGE is launching a scholarship program to empower potential and transform lives of young children through sport.