Certified Cognitive Practitioner Network

At ReactForge, we recognize the crucial role that cognitive performance plays in athletic achievement, especially in high-intensity fast moving sports. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our elite network of Certified Cognitive Practitioners dedicated to helping athletes reach their peak performance potential.  Whether you’re a professional athlete, aspiring Olympian, or dedicated amateur player, connect with a Certified Cognitive Practitioner in your area.

ReactForge Certified Cognitive Practitioners are uniquely qualified to bring a unique blend of experience and expertise to train athletes on the ReactOS+ cognitive performance system. From improving reaction times, decision-making, and resilience under pressure, Certified Cognitive Practitioners are dedicated to maximizing in-game performance for athletes of all ages across a broad spectrum of sports.

ReactForge Cognitive Performance Institute Partner

Tel:  437.424.4628


Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

ReactForge Certified Cognitive Practitioners

Jeff Flaro

2600 Leitrim Road, Gloucester, Ontario K1T 3V3 Canada

Tel:  613-794-3868

Damon Kulba

Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 437.424.4628

Ryan J Shuda, MA, LCPC

1550 N Northwest Hwy., Ste 360, Park Ridge IL 60068 USA

Tel: 847-299-3400

Nolan Horbach

Saskatchewan, Canada

Arkaitx Edgren


Tel. 076-024 66 24