Cognitive Practitioner Certification Program

Team Up With Us and Lead the Cognitive Empowerment Movement


With the rise of cognitive development in breakout sports performance success, athletes of all skill levels across different sports are looking for more than just enhancing physical ability.

Cognitive training, also often referred to as “brain training”, can be described as a program of targeted exercises designed to improve reaction speed and optimal decision making. Research has shown that a carefully designed and targeted cognitive development program can have a powerful impact on peak performance potential.

Integrating cognitive training and technology will expand the scope of service opportunities while positioning your business towards the future.  Join our network of Certified Cognitive Practitioners and be part of a movement that transform the intangible into game changing outcomes in sports and every day life.


Certification Process and Training Duration:  3 days
Cumulative 24 hours of content and hands-on training,
Limited seats for registration

April 29 – May 1, 2024 (Inclusive)

  • Topic I Cognitive Performance
  • Topic II Applying Performance Analytics
  • Topic  III Training Equipment Orientation and Application
  • Topic IV Integrating and Deploying Cognitive Training
  • Topic IV Working with Clients and Building Your Business

Day 1:  Monday, April 29; 9am – 5pm (Breakfast, lunch, dinner included)
Day 2:  Tuesday, April 30; 9am – 5pm (Breakfast + lunch included)
Day 3:  Wednesday, May 1; 9am – 3pm (Breakfast + lunch included)


ReactForge Cognitive Performance Institute
51 Ritin Lane, Concord ON  L4K 4W6

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