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SwitchedOn® is a (patent pending) Perceptual-Cognitive-Motor (PCM) training app that is designed to take your physical training to the next level by keeping your brain SwitchedOn! Traditional training methods focus on improving either physical OR cognitive performance separately, where at SwitchedOn® we understand that the mind and body work together and our training must reflect that. This revolutionary method of training is currently being used by professional athletes, US military personnel, and fitness enthusiasts everywhere, and is now available on your mobile device!

It works by providing randomized visual and/or audio cues that users associate with different actions or movements. This forces them to use their mental muscles to PERCEIVE an external stimulus, process that information to DECIDE on the appropriate action, and use their physical muscles to REACT as quickly and efficiently as possible. Perfect for sports, fitness/healthcare, and military/first responders, this innovative training app is designed to help users strengthen the mind-body connection, enhance reaction and response time, improve information processing, and so much more!