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Cognitive development for athletes is the next frontier towards maximizing in-game performance.  The next generational athlete will be equipped with cognitive readiness for instant decision-making skills and unmatched reaction times.  

As a sports performance and technology company, REACTFORGE provides cognitive development to athletes, sports teams and other market verticals that include corporate, aging adults and seniors.  A proprietary training system called ReactOS+ helps individuals of all ages tap into their peak performance potential for all types of activities and sports.

Cognitive Development Programs

Supercharge Your Sport & Lifestyle


See the on-ice play before it happens


Unlock another level to own the court and the game


Define your own lane where others are unable to travel


It's as much a mental game as it is a physical game


Supercharge raw athletic talent with cognitive focus


Slowing down the action so you can get ahead of it


Checkered flag performance in the driver's seat


Collaborating with health support and healthcare practitioners


The ability to go beyond limitations when it matters


Powering decision making and leadership capacity


Maximizing cognitive health and brain agility for seniors


Supporting team owners, sport organizations and gyms

Success Stories

Game On Circle of Cognitive Excellence

Mike M. Parent

What you are doing is truly cutting edge in high-performance athletics. There’s a reason why so many professional athletes in numerous sports are recognizing the competitive advantage your training can provide them.

Luke P. Hockey Athlete

I played the best scrimmage of my entire summer yesterday. I was seeing passes that I would have never seen before your training. I scored 2 goals and was playing the best defence as well. I was completely in the zone and present with that mindset. With your training, I'm going to have the best season of my career so far.

Sarah A. Fencing

Thank you! Only 3 training sessions in and the experience has been incredible! As you said…it’s really hard to explain!

Natalie P. Soccer

I have a complete new understanding and appreciation with the term "creating time and space". I'm able to visualize a slowed down game with a much faster reaction time. This has resulted with much better decision-making as well as game positioning that helped to minimize collisions.

Peter W. Hockey

6 games, 8 goals, 9 assists, 17 points! The results speak for themselves. Thanks for all the tips, training and most of all - changing my game from average to unstoppable!

Frank T. Parent

After only two sessions, I already see some crazy cross ice passes with 6 guys in front of my son. Never doubted a moment but it's crazy how fast the return on investment is.

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The REACTFORGE Team is passionate about the meaningful impact of cognitive training toward in game athletic performance. Whether you’re an athlete, student, sports trainer, health practitioner, corporate or sports industry professional, let’s have a conversation towards collaborating.

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